Kasia Pawlowska

Fuck Buttons on their wildly visual live show, the writing process, and bringing "fuck" to the world stage


“I think I’ve heard of them before,” is the kind of spineless response you’ll never hear if you ask someone about Fuck Buttons.  If you’ve heard them, you’ll most definitely will remember.  With music that elicits feelings of wonder and rebellion, intense live shows, and of course an, err -- catchy name, Benjamin John Power and Andrew Hung leave a lasting impression.Read more »

Mikal Cronin takes the spotlight, has excellent hair at The Chapel


Mikal Cronin walks onto the stage this past Saturday night [March 1] for the third time this week, settling into the right corner; a spot he’s apparently comfortable in, given that it’s his usual post when playing in (fellow Laguna Beach native) Ty Segall’s band. Read more »

Live Shots: !!! lead a sweaty Saturday at the Chapel


"San Francisco, San Francisco, San Francisco," chants !!!'s Nic Offer as he struts onto the Chapel's glowing red stage, facing a screaming sold-out crowd.  The practicality of Offer’s typical performance outfit — tonight he is wearing beat-up, bone-white monk strap loafers, short white shorts emblazoned with the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls cover art, and a black crewneck tee — quickly becomes apparent as he races back and forth across the stage, light brown curls flying, wrapping the mic cord around his neck.  Before the first song is over he leaps on the center monitor, thrusts his pelvis forward, and generously pulls his very short pant leg open so a fan can get his money shot.  Now that’s showmanship. 

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